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Friday, August 29, 2008

Year 2: Reflection 1

It's sad to admit, but I simply cannot read old english (Beowulf) for more than half an hour at time, without my eyes feeling heavy. As if finish off my first week back to school, I have concluded that I am in need of 1) a daily nap, 2) a personal assistant, and 3) about $6,000. The nap is doable; I did it all last year. The personal assistant is not, so I bought a daily planner. And the money is not, but it would be lovely to not work this year and just be a "full time student," which I am already with the addition of a part time job.
My nights are poorly slept and my days seem to drag on. This semester will certainly test my will power to stay in college. I of course do not intend to be a drop out, nor do I intend to "take a year off" as I hardly think I would go back in a timely manner.
I have spent some time reflecting on how different I am from this same time last year. I was naive. I partied too much. I put too much emphasis on relationships. Though the latter is still true, the only thing that needs adjusting is that I need to put school first.
I am trying to get back on my work out regiment, though I am making the same excuses I used to before I started exercising. I have only been once this week, which is unacceptable. I just have to force myself and after a week or so, it becomes habit.

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thera said...

hey exercising is dumb - but being healthy is cool. but me & my friend are going to start swimming at the school pool a couple times a week if you want to join!