I want. A lot of things.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Year 2: Reflection 1

It's sad to admit, but I simply cannot read old english (Beowulf) for more than half an hour at time, without my eyes feeling heavy. As if finish off my first week back to school, I have concluded that I am in need of 1) a daily nap, 2) a personal assistant, and 3) about $6,000. The nap is doable; I did it all last year. The personal assistant is not, so I bought a daily planner. And the money is not, but it would be lovely to not work this year and just be a "full time student," which I am already with the addition of a part time job.
My nights are poorly slept and my days seem to drag on. This semester will certainly test my will power to stay in college. I of course do not intend to be a drop out, nor do I intend to "take a year off" as I hardly think I would go back in a timely manner.
I have spent some time reflecting on how different I am from this same time last year. I was naive. I partied too much. I put too much emphasis on relationships. Though the latter is still true, the only thing that needs adjusting is that I need to put school first.
I am trying to get back on my work out regiment, though I am making the same excuses I used to before I started exercising. I have only been once this week, which is unacceptable. I just have to force myself and after a week or so, it becomes habit.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've been sleeping to pass the time.

I don't know how many times I've been in the Green Bean. But for the third day in a row I find myself in my most comfortable spot in the corner in the back with one of the only electrical sockets. I can't help but notice that I see all the same people, most of them I couldn't name. I get the same thing. One small coffee and on special or not so special occasions, a vegan muffin. I have long since boycotted green bean specialty drinks, knowing full well that each contains hundreds of calories, and a mere 45 cents to make, so why pay $5?

I don't think I would be here this often this week if it wasn't for my coffee pot shattering. Things don't seem to be going my way this week. In the same day (monday) my coffee pot broke, my boyfriend left me for the third time, I became incredibly sick, and had to call out of work. I've slept about 14 hours of each day the past 3 days.

I'm feeling that familiar sense of being left behind.