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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

finished another chapter.

I've had an eventful last 2 months to say the least. But finally things are looking up. Today was the first day of school which went swimmingly, and actually made me excited to be there for once. I am mostly looking forward to this YMA (Young Menswear Association) scholarship that I'll be applying for, which would greatly propel me into the career I've worked so hard on for the past 2 years.
Most recently I came to the conclusion that I should get my own place to call my own with Sir Charles. I had thought of it in the back of my mind when George left for Law school, just because my current residence has so many memories. I've found a new location which I am so excited about. I've started planning where to put things, thinking up different methods. It's a large studio room, that has amazing potential, though its not mine officially, i intend on making the down payment as soon as my landlord and my future landlord will allow.
Work has been hectic, but I am told that there is a winter lull which couldn't come sooner.
My fractured pelvis is almost fully healed, no crutches, no limp, still can't run though. I'm due for another check up then hopefully I won't be bothered by it any longer.
I haven't bought anything of interest lately. I have been slightly obsessed with the romper... though i know it's just not meant for my body type.

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